DIY Lifestyle was a 2012 project by designer, Evon Tay. This is an archive.
The DIY Manifesto
  1. When things get broken, find out how to fix it.
  2. When we want something, we try to make it ourselves.
  3. Before throwing something away — we rethink it: could this be recycled, repurposed or given away?
  4. When we need to buy something — choose consciously made, not cheap/mass-produced.
  5. When we don’t know how to do something, we ask for help from our community or google it.
  6. Learn a new skill — get on the internet, go to the library, or seek help from your local experts.
  7. Globalised fastfood chains and giant retailers — avoid them! We support local indie businesses instead.
  8. Wanna get somewhere? We leave the car at home, ride a bike or take the MRT.
  9. Organic food is expensive? We learn to grow our own!
  10. Why burn fossil fuels? We burn our own fats instead.
  11. Exploiting 3rd world sweatshops is so last century, we exploit our creativity!
  12. We exercise mindful consumerism — don’t buy useless mass manufactured junk that we don’t need.