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Making? Make what, huh?

Making is a pretty broad category because it could be anything you want it to be!

If you've ever admired someone for their craft skills or creativity and wish you could do the same, you probably can.

If you've ever seen a beautiful stop-motion film and wondered if you could make something like that, why not?

If you've ever walked into a clothing store and saw a simple top that costs a bomb, and thought, "I'd rather tailor-make one for myself", you should!

If you ever saw band playing shitty music and thought, "what the heck, even I could play better than that", go for it!

Creating things, whatever it is, is a primal activity that makes us human. There's something about making use of our brains, eyes, and hands to physically create, that gives a sense of achievement no money can buy.

Also, when you can make something yourself, you take charge of how things are done. You decide your own creative direction. You're no longer reliant on market forces to tell you how much to spend on the latest fashion accessory, what music is to listen to, or what you should buy for your loved ones on X'mas day. You are independent and unique. You are you.

Helpful tips to get started
  1. There are plenty of free tutorials on the internet and library books you can learn new skills from.
  2. If you're crafting, put your creativity to the test – see if you could "up-cycle" old objects and give them a new lease of life.
  3. A great motivation to make is when you have someone to make it for, say, your mom's birthday.
  4. If you get good enough, you could even look into ways of turning your making skills into something you can make a living out of.
  5. Just get off your butt, stop procrastinating, and do it!
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