DIY Lifestyle was a 2012 project by designer, Evon Tay. This is an archive.
Yup, any questions?

How do I get a challenge card?

Simply email me at, stating which challenge you want to take on (choose from Food/Commute/Making/Mindful Consumption) and whether you want to receive it via email (save trees!) or a hardcopy in your mailbox.

What are the prizes for the challenges?

This is a secret (but you could scour the blog for clues). Each category has got a different prize but all successful challengers will receive a DIY Zine. All prizes available while stocks last.

Is there a deadline to complete the challenges?

Nope, not really. But don't take too long or all the prizes would be snapped up by the others! You can check the FB page for updates.

What if I can't complete my challenge tasks?

Nothing happens. But at least you tried and had fun doing it in the process, eh? ;)

What are the tasks in the challenges, are they hard to do?

The tasks in the challenges are quite simple, they just need a bit of patience and time on your part. Just try it! No loss if you don't get it at first, but it'll be fun, I promise.

Is it okay if I take on more than one challenge?

Of course, by all means! The more challenges you manage to complete, the more respect you'll earn among your DIYster peers! …and of course, this is a chance to collect additional prizes.

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

No worries there, DIYster! Just compile all your photos in a folder and submit it to! I'll post them on the gallery for all the admire.

Will my photos be publicly seen by others?

Yes. All photos tagged on Facebook for this campaign will be also posted on the DIY website gallery. Be proud of your achievements! (For those who prefer not to have their photos shared, please indicate so when you have finished the challenge.)

What happens after this?

Hopefully after having a taste of the DIY lifestyle, you'll continue on your journey as a DIYster, finding new ways of being creative and independent in your life. Remember to keep the DIY manifesto in mind always. Find like-minded friends on our Facebook community, and may the DIY spirit be with you!

Can you tell me more about the four mascots?

All I can reveal right now are their true identities.
Food mascot – Chucky Greenfeather
Commute mascot – Bucky Bykerson
Making mascot – Fluffy Makerton
Mindful mascot – Mindy Shoppsky
Learn more about their exciting DIY stories in the DIY ZINE.

I can't complete the challenge but will I still be able to buy the prizes?

Uh, nope. Currently the only way to get your challenge prizes is to DO THE CHALLENGE! There are no plans of making them for sale, but you can buy the DIY Zine here.

Where is the DIY HQ based in?

Sunny ol' Singapore.

What do you get out of this? Why are you doing this?

Nothing much. To be honest, I'm just a graphic designer trying to find my life purpose, and while at it, hoping to inspire some positive change in the society. And I sincerely believe that if people could get more actively involved in the DIY scene, our city could possibly become a better place to live in for all. And yes, I'm aware that DIY is obviously not the only solution to the world's problems, but it's all about baby steps, yes?