DIY Lifestyle was a 2012 project by designer, Evon Tay. This is an archive.
So what's this challenge about?

Make our city a more livable place by leading a more sustainable independent life! Take the "DIY LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE", a series of do-it-yourself activities that you and your family could enjoy.

The Food Challenge is all about starting your own food garden and preparing your own meals. It encourages being sustainable and supporting local produce.

The Green Commute Challenge is about trying an alternative, greener way of travelling – on your bike!

The Making Challenge wants you to learn a new skill, roll up your sleeves, and just get creative!

The Mindful Challenge tests your ability to control and be more aware of your consumption habits.

Get your challenge cards today — email me at: or FB msg me with your chosen challenge (FOOD / GREEN COMMUTE / MAKING / MINDFUL CONSUMPTION) and I'll send 'em right to you. Each challenge card contains a list of task for you to complete – super easy.

And when you've completed each challenge, report back to DIY HQ where you will be rewarded with a small (but still PRETTY COOL) surprise.

Come on now, don't be shy. Anyone can do this, just DIY!

About the project

This is a study based on a series of alternative and sustainable lifestyle choices that, we, as urban dwellers can take on a daily basis. Touching on the politics and philosophy behind the DIY culture, the project hopes to encourage mindfulness and taking responsibility in the way we live. It aims to promote the DIY lifestyle as a way toward cultivating a climate of self-reliance and creativity, such that our city can become greener, more vibrant and awesome!

About me

Hello, my name is Evon Tay. I’m just a regular ol' graphic designer. Ever the idealist, I believe design can be a tool with practical potential for creating meaningful change in the world, and my passion is to find ways to go about it. When not doing design work, I enjoy making zines, reading works of fiction, getting my hands dirty at the Kampung, quoting Friends jokes, and nerding out on Harry Potter trivia.